Greetings, my name is Michael Allen.

I'm a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor's in Creative Advertising from the School of Mass Communications.
In addition to my love for beautiful design and smart branding, these others things get my creative juices flowing:

  • word-smithing - words are more powerful than the sword, after all
  • photography - current weapon of choice: Nikon D5600
  • technology - from consumer products to industry innovations, our future no doubt is one molded from silicon
  • philosophy - how to live and what can be said to exist... the deepest questions of existence are never satisfied...
  • the culinary arts - from cooking classic Italian (e.g. Marcella Hazan) to day-dreaming about the most sublime kaiseki
  • the Japanese language and culture - studied for four semesters at University of Richmond, twice an exchange student in HS

I currently reside in Richmond, VA.


I have a real passion for cooking, and catalogue my latest creations and finds on Instagram: