OXO Mobile App

Client: Class Assignment
Format: iOS app (designed for the iPhone 5 screen)

So many of the objects we interact with on a daily basis are unnecessarily uncomfortable, poorly made and ugly to look at, making the most basic tasks in the kitchen and around the home or office much more taxing than they have to be.  OXO (pronounced ox-oh) is a popular brand which seeks to bring considered design to objects often made haphazardly – improving them ergonomically, aesthetically and functionally.

Making use of the swipe-based navigation UI and non-skeuomorphic design introduced in iOS 7, users can download the official OXO app (which I meticulously designed pixel-by-pixel) and use it to scan items in-store, search for products by keyword, and browse an up-to-date catalogue of all OXO products, favoriting their favorite OXO products as they go along.

The app also includes basic sharing (via email, Twitter or Facebook) and directs users to the nearest retailer that carries the product (including item availability for retailers that supply that information on their website).