1984 by George Orwell

Client: Class Assignment
Format: Book jacket design (front, spine and back cover)

With this book jacket design I wanted to create something that conveyed the claustrophobia and paranoia of the world found in George Orwell's seminal dystopian masterpiece.  On the front cover is a large graphic of a CCTV camera, a symbol for the all-seeing-eye of 'Big Brother' from which no one is safe.  The quote on the back powerfully sums up one of the book's potent core themes: in a society where privacy and freedom of speech (let alone thought) are done away with, human beings will find themselves in a socially and economically gridlocked state devoid of human autonomy, dignity and progress.

And while I understand that using a still from a cinematic adaptation of the novel is forbidden, the image of this disheveled and disconcerted man standing as if under some oppressive interrogation is far too compelling to simply ignore.  As such, at the very least it works well as a temporary placeholder for a graphic or illustration.